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  • With this kit you can relive the excitement of a true paleontologo when the discovery of a wonder of nature.

  • Armed with tovaglina, hammer, chisel and brush, by the beginning operations for removing and cleaning up the imprisoned Fossil Stone in the pack.

  • You'll discover a genuine precious Wyoming, Fossil fish in the USA.

  • Included the lens for scientific study the, the display and the card holder, Steve Dr. Hunters, illustrated for better understanding the mysteries of fossil fish.

  • Perfect for children from 6 to 12 years with a passion for the geology and the history of the Earth: Science at an educational experience that combines the fun, the dexterity to learning

  • Wonders of Nature is a line of educational games that offers exciting teaching tools for children and adults who want to find out more on our planet. Dr. Steve Features the fascinating world of geology and paleontology in a fun and exciting way, proposing experiments with real fossil minerals and real. An illustrated guide full of scientific information "Size of children preparing young geologists to understand and to achieve the proposed by Dr. Steve experiments. All Geoworld products are manufactured using the highest standards of quality and safety and are strictly quality-tested to ensure compliance with international safety protocols. Centres productive Geoworld subject to strict guidelines for ensure the maintenance and the respect of these standard. Every Geoworld product: • Combines the dexterity to learning. • Contains tangible evidence on millions of years of history of the earth. • Gives a unique experience in the world of dinosaurs and fossils, minerals, gemstones. • Designed and designed in Italy by our team of experts and scientists.

    Dr. Steve Hunters ed512 K – Dig & Discover Authentic Game – Fossil Fish - B01IN30JQA

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