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  • Two high quality racquetball sized geodes filled with natural crystals!

  • Great family entertainment!

  • Includes a "Geode Guide" so you can identify the minerals inside.

  • Geode breaking instructions printed on the box!

  • Lots of fun!

  • A geode is a round like rock that has a hollow pocket lined with crystals, formed by trapped lava bubbles. Geodes are lots of fun to break open! The adventure is discovering the crystals that have been hidden inside of the cavity for millions of years. "High Quality Geodes": These geodes have been carefully sorted to insure that they are almost all hollow. The crystals inside will be consistently clean and sparkly with a variety of colors! *Safety Goggles Required *Adult supervision required.

    High Quality Break Your Own Geodes "Racquetball Size" 2 Whole Geodes - B00A9XOYIC

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