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  • When you go to work, often not at home, and can't take care of your children, you are eager to let your child feel more love, but when there is no time, help you come.,You can accompany your child to play and witness his growth, The journey, step by step to understand him, is this game park in your home long-awaited?

  • Child growth research shows that children enter the space sensitive period after one year old and like to stay alone in a space. Curiosity drives him to climb and pull drawers. Their behavior is to build space intelligence. At this time, parents must not bother him. The game tent can meet the needs of children and is a wise choice for mothers.

  • It can be used to give children a unique game park, This tent can be unfolded instantly, and the breathable gauze is very suitable for summer use. It is easy to carry and does not occupy space. Children touch, listen, see, combine, feel, understand in the tent, recognize the world around them, provide a free space for their imagination and creativity, and exercise their children's geographical ability.

  • The bottom of the crawling tunnel is made of soft pad,The baby will not feel pain during crawling, better protect him, give the baby a bigger and wider space to explore, outdoor can also be used, carrying very convenient, nature The combination with the game is more helpful to the baby's growth and development.

  • Material: environmentally friendly fabric, thickened encryption and environmentally friendly strip fabric, environmentally friendly and durable, greatly deepening the service life of the tent, ventilation mesh, roller blind curtain,high quality steel wire, good elasticity, strong and durable, not easy Deformation.

  • Product expanded size:80x80x80cm/46x150cm(31.49"x31.49"x31.49"/18.11"x59.05")inch.

    Ability development: crawling, interest training, emotion, parent-child communication, sensory, intellectual development, manual brain, interactive toys, hearing, grasping, hand-eye coordination, other ability development, vision.

    Applicable age: infant (0-2 years old), children (3-6 years old), juvenile (7-14 years old).

    Number of players: 3-4 people

    Product material: polyester

    Packing: polyester tote

    Product weight: 1.25 kg


    1. Keep away from fire and high heat power to avoid burning.

    2. There is a steel ring inside the product, which will pop open quickly when used. Children should be used under adult supervision and guidance.

    3. the product can not be loaded, do not place heavy objects on the product. Please give up when the steel ring is bare.

    4. Please pack the packaging and accessories in time to avoid suffocation when children play.

    LQUYY Children's Game Crawling Tent Blue Train Game Tunnel With Portable Handbag Indoor And Outdoor Use Boy Girl Play House - B07HK9H7KZ

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