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  • Red smubbles Streamer - Scented Bubbles

  • How do you put a strawberry or bubblegum in a bubble It s easy with the amazing Smubbles Smubbles are the magic bubbles where you choose and create the scent inside Just pop em and smell em The scents are created by the cute cartridges in the shape of cool Smubbles characters Simply pop in the Smubbles cartridges fill your dish with some of the smubbles solution dip in and then press to release lots of lovely bubbles Then the fun bit pop your bubbles to smell the delicious scents inside Experience the fruitiness of strawberry or maybe the sweetness of bubble gum Or why not put both cartridges in to create a unique bubble berry scent The Smubbles streamer is bright and colourful and comes with a fun Smubbles design There is so much fun to be had with the Smubbles streamer Play with friends and see how quickly they can pop the bubbles and guess which scent you have used Smubbles can be used inside or outside so fun can be had whether rain or shine

    Red Smubbles Streamer - Scented Bubbles - B006NCMQ24

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