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  • A set of 10 orange standard table football (foosball) balls

  • Made from smooth hard nylon

  • From Garlando - the leading Italian brand of football tables

  • 33mm diameter

  • Standard balls are made from hard nylon. They are smooth and tend to have a slight seam around the perimeter of the ball. This has virtually no effect in play but purists tend to prefer a higher specification.

    The Black and White balls are designed to look like a normal football. They are not completely smooth and are smaller than a typical ball. Supplied as standard with the Garlando F1 table; not for professional table football players but fun for children and less serious players.

    High control balls are larger and they have a rough surface which means that the speed of play is a bit slower but there is more grip and increased ball control. Good for improving technique for expert players.

    ITSF proplay balls are approved for competition use by the ITSF. ITSF speedplay balls come as standard with our Garlando Pro Champion and Garlando Master Champion tables. They have a rough surface for better control.

    Cork balls are generally used on French Football tables. They offer more grip and ball control and are lighter than standard balls.

    A set of 10 orange standard table football (foosball) balls made from smooth, hard nylon.

    Good value balls suitable for everyday use.

    Balls measure 33mm diamter

    Product Ref.: 001H13

    Set of 10 Garlando Orange table football balls (33mm diam) - B00IFWK2RG

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