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  • Material: green wood, green. Health, no harm

  • Can DIY: Yes

  • Adaptation: it's a versatile new thing that helps children to accomplish a variety of challenges. In the study, the family, the school, the gift, all kinds of places, it can make the children very happy

  • Function: multifunction, DIY, multi use, combination, play, assembly and other. It's very simple and easy to understand. It's the best communication between a parent or a teacher and a friend. It's the best communication between friends.

  • Warning: This product contains small parts, may produce by children under the age of 3 danger of suffocation. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Please use it under the supervision of adults. This product shall not be exposed to fire source. After dismantling the package. Please put the plastic bag away from the baby and the children. To prevent asphyxia.

  • Colour Name:Blue.

    Adapt to the place: It is a multi-functional new thing that helps children complete various challenges. In learning, family, school, gifts, etc., various places, it can make children very happy

    Workmanship: Every piece of wood is carefully crafted, it will not hurt the hand, there is no smell

    Uses: To stimulate the development of the left hemisphere in children so that the children thrive and prevent dementia

    3C configuration categories: children over 6 years old, adults, seniors

    The original is a wooden structure with a rectangular cross-shaped cube on the outside. The shape and internal structure of the cube are different. They are generally easy to disassemble. Assembling requires careful observation and consideration of its internal structure. It is good for developing brains and flexible fingers. It is a good educational toy.

    Tips: Do not underestimate its difficulty Oh! [wood characteristics]:

    Since wood is also soft, the typical common is the lid of the hot water bottle. I think everyone is familiar with it. Unlike plastic materials, they are less likely to wear and the hardness of plastic is also very high. The number of lock wood items is repeated many times, the gap will increase slightly.

     About size

    The size is manual measurement. Due to different measurement tools and measurement methods, there will be 21mm error.

    STEADY Diy Unlock The Intellectual Development Of Children'S Creative Vacuum Wood Block Lock Multifunctional Combined House Assembled Gift Toy Bricks Blue. - B07BH2NQ4L

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